Camping without tools
With a little paracord and some elbow grease, that rusty nut won’t stand a chance.. Robert L. Prince

Here’s further proof why paracord is an indispensable tool. Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

P-cord consists of a braided nylon sheath inside of which reside seven to nine strands of separate cord. It has a breaking strength of 550 pounds—and 10 times as many uses.

[1.] Survival Bola

Primitive bola
In a pinch, p-cord can make an effective bola for catching small game. Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Cut three 3-foot lengths of parachute cord and secure the ends with a single overhand knot. To each cord, tie in a fabric pouch of stones. For birds, use six to eight strands.

[2.] Shooting Rail

Paracord rifle sling
Got buck fever? Steady your shot with this trick. Robert L. Prince

Tie p-cord to a rail on your stand, then toss it over a limb above you. Next, tie a sliding loop with a tautline hitch. Adjust the height of the knot and thread your barrel and forend through the loop.

[3.] Game Strap

Game carrier
P-cord makes for a great way to carry game birds in a pinch. Robert L. Prince

Double 10 feet of p-cord. Double it again and tie an overhand knot in the middle. Cut each remaining loop. Tie a tautline hitch in the end of all eight strands. Each loop will hold a goose or duck.

[4.] Trotline

Survival fishing
Just in case you really need to catch some fish… Robert L. Prince

Remove the inner cords from p-cord. Next, suspend the sheath over a creek or stream by tying each end to a tree or sapling. Tie a fishing hook to the end of the inner cords and make droplines.

[5.] Cheese Cutter

Uses for paracord
Cut the cheese like a champ. Robert L. Prince

When it’s time for lunch but you left your knife back at camp, here’s how p-cord can help. Remove a 12-inch section of inner cord and use it to slice cheese and salami.

[6.] Field Wrench

Camping without tools
With a little paracord and some elbow grease, that rusty nut won’t stand a chance. Robert L. Prince

Can’t get a rusty bolt loose? Wrap parachute cord tightly around the nut counterclockwise, leaving a long tag end. Grasp the cord firmly, pull, and watch the bolt come loose.

[7.] Cord Cutter

Paracord survival
How to cut p-cord without a knife. Robert L. Prince

Tie the strand of p-cord that will be cut to two stout points, leaving some slack. Take another strand and use it to saw the suspended cord. After a while, the friction will burn through the p-cord.

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