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If you’re lucky enough to be able to ride your quad out of your garage and onto a trail…well, then we’re jealous. The rest of us have to load up our quads either in the back of pickup trucks or on a trailer and drive them to the nearest trail system or track. Getting your quad secured for the trip with tie-downs is very important, very easy, and something that some people don’t know how to do correctly.

You want to place the tie-downs in a way that collapses the suspension of your ATV. For example, place tie-downs on the rear grab bar and on the front handlebars. When you tighten the straps, they should collapse the suspension. Also, make sure there is tension both forward and backward on the quad so it doesn’t roll off the flatbed. Two tie-downs from each end works well. And make sure that you have high-quality tie-downs. The cheaply made, thin tie-downs easily snap and break…trust us. Get the nice tie-downs to keep your quad safe on the journey!