The only thing worse than filling your boot-foot chest waders while fishing or hunting is that cold, squishy feeling the next time you stick your tootsies in there. Try this trick for getting them totally dry between outings.

  1. Wring water out of the insoles and inner boot material, then jam dry newspaper into the boots to soak up as much residual moisture as possible.

  2. Cut a 4-foot length of 4-inch PVC pipe in half at a 45-­degree angle, so that you have a pair of 2-foot-long pipes with one end square and the other angled.

  3. Roll the waders inside out so they stand about 2 feet tall. Remove the newspaper. Insert a pipe in each boot, pushing the angled end into the toe.

  4. Turn the entire contraption upside down over a floor heat register. The rising air dries the main part of the boot, as the pipe funnels hot air into the recesses of the boot toe.