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2012 Polaris RZR 570
MSRP: $9,999
Final Thoughts + Polaris RZR 570 At a Glance

Polaris introduced the RZR 570, a fun little, punchy addition to the RZR line. It is nearly as potent and equally capable to the RZR 800, but costs $1,500 less.

From the moment I first mashed the RZR 570’s throttle, I could tell immediately tell the little engine was more than just a re-commissioned ATV power plant. This engine is new and has fantastic power capabilities. The Pro Star 570 is paired to an ultra-efficient transmission and an aggressive clutching system. During my testing, whenever I stabbed the throttle, the RZR 570’s clutching kept the engine in the sweet spot–high in the RPM range.

The On Demand True AWD is standard Polaris issue. When engaged, it senses wheel slippage at the rear end and then transfers power to the front driveline. When traction is regained, the front driveline is disengaged. This keeps steering effort light and eliminates the negative tendencies that a fully locked driveline cab exhibit.

A new high mounted air intake keeps combustion air high and dry. My RZR 570 spent a lot of time in the mud and water, and I never ran into any issues with the engine or transmission gulping down any damaging water.

The RZR 570 is only 50 inches wide, which makes it an excellent choice for an end user who needs a SxS that can negotiate tight trails. The RZR 570 sits low and the cabin is tight for taller riders. With that said, the characteristics that make the cabin a snug fit also contribute to the RZR 570’s ability to negotiate tight terrain. However, once inside, the adjustable steering allows taller riders, like me, to squeeze under the steering wheel to stretch out my legs.

In the event that I ever need to sit in the passenger seat, the ability to hang onto something is of the utmost importance to me. The adjustable passenger grab bar does not allow the passenger to control the RZR 570, but it mentally helps that person deal with a driver who isn’t afraid to hammer down trails. The side nets keep arms and legs inside, but owners will have to get used to rogue branches grabbing ahold of the nets.

I once stuck a RZR on its lid because I was driving it like a maniac. I walked away without a scratch. For that very reason, the ROPS cage is an important and integral part of the RZR package because it helps keep riders safe, even if they push the capabilities of the machine.

I was thoroughly impressed with the RZR’s cargo capacity. While it’s no good for items like branches, sand, or rocks, there is a good deal of space for coolers, storage bags, or other items that can be strapped down to the bed.

Final Thoughts:
I was thoroughly impressed with the RZR 570’s performance. Although I’ve spent a great deal of time behind the wheel of every other RZR machine ever built, this was my first experience with a 570. I must admit, the thought of piloting a 570cc machine after spending the last five years driving stock 800s, turbo-charged 800s, and the menacing new 900s didn’t excite me. However, the time spent with the RZR 570 completely changed my inaccurate perception. The 570 won’t outrun the larger displacement RZRs, but it won’t get left in the dust either. When you factor in the idea that most prospective RZR owners are more interested in a low price than top speed, the RZR 570 becomes much more enticing. If a narrow, trail capable SxS is what you crave, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on a RZR 570.

RZR 570 At a Glance

– New Pro Star 570 engine has great power and torque.
– A lightweight transmission efficiently gets maximum power to the ground.
– The RZR 570 goes 0-35 in 4 seconds, which is wicked quick for such a small engine.
– Narrow width gives RZR access to the narrowest trails.
– Four-wheel independent suspension provides a plush ride in varied terrain.
– Tilt steering helps riders with long legs to get in and out of the driver’s seat with ease.
– Adjustable grab bar helps passengers of all sizes to hang on for dear life. An anti-rattle bushing helps keep things quiet.
– Side nets help keep passengers’ arms and legs in the cab in the event of a rollover.
– Surprisingly large cargo capacity.
– Lock and Ride compatibility gives a great deal of accessory choices to owners.
– High mounted air intake gives the RZR 570 excellent wet-weather capability.

– The single cylinder Pro Star 570 vibrates more than the twin cylinder Pro Star 900.
– Narrow width means the RZR 570 isn’t as stable in corners as the RZR S or the RZR XP.
– Nets are easily snagged by trees and branches.
– Cabin is tight. Seats are not easily adjustable.
– Cargo box is not ideal for completing backyard chores.