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Here’s a quick and easy way to add weight to the front of your waterfowl gun, where it will help smooth your swing dampen muzzle jump, and reduce recoil by 6 to 7 percent. This recoil reducer replaces the factory magazine plug.

1. Cut the PVC to the length of the magazine plug in your gun (allow 1/8 inch for each cap). If using open pipe (shown) instead of stub-out, glue a cap on one end with PVC cement.

2. Fill the pipe or stub-out to the top with lead shot, and glue the cap on with PVC cement. Reinforce with electrician’s tape if needed.

3. Following the instructions in your gun’s manual for plug installation, replace the factory plug. With some models you may have to slim the cap on a grinding wheel. The springs in Remington shotguns (1100/870/11-87) are just barely big enough to go around the stub-out. Give the reducer a light spray of oil and work it on.


Materials (for a 12-gauge):
1/2-inch open PVC pipe and 2 caps, or PVC stub-out and 1 cap
Electrician’s tape
PVC conduit cement
4-5 oz. of size 8 or 9 lead shot