Whitetail Hunting photo

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Catching on mainly by word of mouth, the Scent Smoker scent-elimination system (scentsmoker.com) consists of a stainless-steel can in which you burn hardwood chips. Heavy smoke pours out of the Smoker’s spout for 10 minutes or more, enough time to de-stink a pair of hunters and all their gear.

According to the manufacturer, the smoke saturates your clothing and other gear with phenol, a naturally occurring antibacterial and antimicrobial. It also deposits lignin (the sticky substance found in woodsmoke), which keeps odor-causing bacteria from growing. (Phenol and lignin are also what prevents smoked meat from going bad.) Activated carbon is released in the smoke as well. Since the smell of smoke is common, goes the argument, it doesn’t spook deer.

At just $30 for a product that will last for years, burns cheap hardwood chips, and can be applied to clothing you already own, it’s worth a try.