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$999 ( Field & Stream always holds bow-test winners to a higher standard the next year, so after the Bowtech Insanity won in 2012, my test team went over the Experience with an extra-critical eye. We found a lot to like.

With a redesigned riser and a 7-inch brace height, the Experience sports all the attributes of a great hunting bow–a pleasant draw cycle, terrific balance, and a rock-solid back wall. Even more impressive, with Overdrive Binary Cams and Carbon Core limbs, it was among the fastest in the test (291 fps), yet dead-in-the-hand at the shot. Savvy bowhunters demand a quiet bow, and this one, with an innovative assortment of dampening technologies, delivered the goods. The FLX-Guard cable containment system absorbs torque and improves tunability.

Tester Dave Hurteau compared the Experience to Yankees All-Star Derek Jeter: “He doesn’t lead any particular category, but he does everything so well and so consistently that he’s a first-vote Hall of Famer.” ‘Nuff said. –Scott Bestul

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