Best Hunting Bullets of 2013: Federal Premium Safari Cape-Shok / Woodleigh Hydro Solid Bullets

$124-$315 for 20; ( Woodleigh is an Australian bullet maker that has built itself a superlative reputation for its solid and soft-point bullets. Now, Federal is loading the newest Woodleigh bullet in its Cape-Shok line of premium safari ammo. Hydro Solid stands for hydrostatically stabilized solid, a remarkable homogeneous copper-alloy slug that Woodleigh claims bridges the gap between solids and soft-nose projectiles. The Hydro Solid is built to give perfect straight-line penetration--and to create a significant wound channel. There are 10 calibers in the line, including .416 Rigby, .458 Win. Mag., .470 Nitro Express, and .500 Nitro Express. Tester John Blauvelt and I shot the Hydro Solids in 9.3x62 Mauser, the metric equivalent of the .375 H&H. They went through everything we could put in front of them. -Everything. --D.E.P.