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Photo by Franzphoto/Alamy

There’s an incredible amount of calls for attracting coyotes. But when the typical rabbit distress screams don’t work, try these three calls to lure in more dogs.

Sitting Target
The Call: Antelope fawn cry.
The Hunt: Set up 400 yards away from a grazing herd. Place your caller 30 to 40 yards in front of you to the right or left, depending on wind. Get your backside against some cover and turn on the caller.

Bird Down
The Call: Robin distress.
The Hunt: A wounded robin isn’t very loud, so set the volume on your caller to low. Find an empty bird’s nest and hang it in a bush near the caller. A nest will often get the coyote to approach close.

Here, Kitty Kitty
The Call: Kitten distress.
The Hunt: Kittens are favored prey for coyotes in rural areas. Elevate your caller in a tree or bush to allow the sound to carry and focus the attention of the approaching coyote up and away from you.