Duck Hunting photo

Photography by Marcus Nilsson. Food Styling by Roscoe Betsill

Friends say they don’t like the taste of duck? Here’s a guaranteed way to change their minds. And yes, it requires bacon. I’ve heard these called duck bites, duck bits, or even rumquackie, but I like to call them gateway duck—because one taste leads to the hard stuff like roast duck, seared breast, even confit.

Start by chunking a skinned duck breast into walnut-size pieces. Pour a bottle of cheap Italian dressing over the top and marinate overnight. Get yourself a piece of pickled jalapeño, or water chestnut if you can’t handle the kick, and wrap this and a hunk of duck with a whole slice of bacon. Secure with a toothpick.

Drop the bacon-wrapped flavor bombs onto a hot grill and roll them around as the fat sizzles away. Grill just until the bacon crisps, but not so long that the duck is anywhere past medium. Before you pull them off the heat, drizzle honey over the top.

As your friend opens his mouth to once again tell you duck tastes like crap, pop in a piping-hot bite to shut him up.