Hunter Wallis Turkey Hunting

Turkey Calling Tip: How to Purr on a Mouth Call by FieldandStream

Purring is perhaps the most difficult sound to master on a mouth call. To do it right, you hae to first pick the right call. Hunter Wallis, the 18-year-old turkey calling champ with six Grand National wins, uses a stiff, triple-reed batwing cut. (Zinks Calls just happens to make one with his name on it.) But find the call that offers you the best control. Call in mouth, it’s a matter of creating back pressure, and rolling your throat into a whistle. “What I’m doing, is I’m basically rolling that punching bag thing in the back of my throat,” Hunter said. Without a call, it sounds like low, deep coo coo coo. At the same time, purse your lips like a whistle. Don’t actually whistle. Just hold your face like you’re going to whistle, and let that back pressure from your throat escape. When done right, the call should almost vibrate against your pallet. That’s the purr. Real hens keep it short and sweet, so don’t get carried away, and punctuate the sequence with a soft cluck, puht.