Josh Honeycutt

Contributing Writer

Josh Honeycutt is a contributing writer for Field & Stream. He has been an outdoor communicator since 2010. Since then, he has worked for most of the major hunting magazines and websites, including Field & Stream. Deer and turkey hunting are his primary focus, though he also writes frequently about conservation, predator hunting, and small game hunting.


  • Written for more than 80 hunting magazines and websites
  • 2022 Recipient of the National Deer Association’s Signpost Communicator of the Year award
  • Award-winning videographer through the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association
  • Award-winning writer through the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association
  • Numerous appearances on hunting shows, including Realtree’s Monster Bucks
  • Numerous appearances as a guest on various hunting podcasts, including Coffey and Deer, Wired to Hunt, Nine Finger Chronicles, Whitetail Rendezvous, and Let’s Talk Deer
  • Staff member of Midwest Whitetail
  • Certified National Deer Alliance Deer Steward


During his time in the outdoor industry, Honeycutt has worked as the National Wild Turkey Federation’s (NWTF) communication specialist and Realtree’s associate editor. He also owns and operates a content marketing company called Honeycutt Creative, which works with brands in the outdoor industry to create content marketing plans.

Honeycutt has won various industry awards, including the National Deer Association’s Signpost Communicator of the Year award.

He also self-films his hunts which appear on Midwest Whitetail. He has also been featured on Realtree’s Monster Bucks.


Honeycutt started his career at Western Kentucky University and majored in journalism. Approximately two and half years into college, the NWTF offered him a full-time position in their communications department. He accepted and transferred to the University of South Carolina where he finished a degree in communications.

F&S Lightning Round

Favorite Place to Fish and hunt: Home,
Favorite Critter to Hunt: Whitetails in velvet,
Bucket List Adventure: Dall sheep—or maybe a fat, juicy barren ground caribou,
Best Piece of Outdoor Advice: Don’t die,
Favorite Piece of Gear: Whatever I need at the time, but I like a good skinning knife,
All-Time Favorite F&S Story: The next one—and most anything by Petzal