Elkton Outdoors reusable archery target
Elkton Outdoors Reuasable Archery Target | BUY IT NOW. Courtesy Elkton Outdoors/Amazon

If you haven’t yet started prepping for the fall archery season, now’s definitely the time. To shake off the rust, you’ll need a multi-purpose target that’s willing to take a beating, like the Elkton Outdoors 18-Sided Archery Target.

The target is super versatile, with 18 target zones at five different angles, so you can practice for most any shot in the deer woods. Plus, it’s made of self-healing foam that’s designed to withstand shot after shot, regardless of whether you’re using a compound, a crossbow, field points, fixed blades, or mechanicals. At 15×15 inches, it’s not huge, but it’s still big enough to catch errant arrows.

For just $120 from Amazon, the Elkton 18-Sided Archery Target hits the mark.

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