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Bear Archery

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For 85 years, Bear Archery has committed to continuing what their creator starter. Founded by the iconic father of modern archery, Fred Bear believed in making archery accessible to all people without sacrificing quality. In 2019, the Bear Archery team has a reinvigorated spirit and believe they are launching the best product they’ve ever had after refocusing to listen to their customers.

“While holding true to our founding principles of yesterday,” says Dave Parker, Bear Archery General Manager, “We have renewed our focus on the future and are bringing to market the best product we’ve ever had because we’ve listened to the requirements of our customers and the needs of the consumer.”

Bear Archery is striving to bring the most dependable and reliable bows to market after meticulously manufacturing and assembling every component to ensure your success. The company offers compound bows including a main line and Legend Series, crossbows, traditional bows, youth, and recreational bows.

“We hear our customers say all the time, ‘my first bow was a Bear,’” says Parker. “We are committed to making sure your first bow is a Bear, and your next bow is a Bear, and your last bow is a Bear.”

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Bear Archery provides products that are rigorously tested in tough environments like the Alaskan frontier. Bear Archery

To stand by that commitment, Bear Archery has created bows that continue to improve the shooting experience across the archery industry. This year’s main line of bows feature incredible adjustability and customizability for the price paid. The lineup of bows can be found at your local dealer and major retailers across the country.

Headlining the main line roster is the all-new 2019 Divergent bow. Designed with the whitetail hunter in mind, the Divergent offers amazing performance in a short 28″ axle-to-axle bow, weighs only 3.9lbs., and will not break your wallet. With speeds of 338 feet per second, the Divergent’s compact platform and hybrid cams give shootability a whole new meaning.

“We continually push the limits of our risers, limbs, and cams, and the Divergent represents optimization of each of those systems,” says Timmy Langley, Bear Archery Engineer. “It is a small bow that packs a huge punch. It has features that compare with bows that cost hundreds more and we are all excited to get it out in the hands of hunters everywhere.”

bear archery compound bow resting on pack
The new Bear Archery Divergent bow is more maneuverable than ever. Bear Archery

The Divergent offers $1,100 worth of performance and will be offered at a retail price of $699.99. This bow is available in six different finishes including RealTree® Edge™, Veil® Stoke™, One Nation® Midnight, Kryptek® Highlander, True Timber® Kanati™, and Iron.

In addition to the Divergent, the main line also features three new bows – the Revival, Species LD, and Limitless. The Revival is a high-performance target bow built for accuracy and comfort with an easy draw for consistency and repetition.

Faithful favorites from last year’s main line return including the Approach, a 32” axle-to-axle single cam system with features of a bow that would cost hundreds more, and the Cruzer G2, a maximum-versatility bow engineered for all ages and skill levels.

The 2019 Legend Series, an exclusive dealer-only line of ultra-competitive compound bows, introduces two new bows, the Kuma 30 and Perception. The Kuma 30 delivers the same incredible performance of the Kuma with less weight and smaller axle-to-axle. As this year’s flagship, the Kuma 30 brings both speed and comfort in a smaller and lighter package. The Kuma 30 is available in four finishes – RealTree® Edge™, Veil® Stoke™, One Nation® Midnight, and Iron.

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The Legend Series Kuma 30 builds off the success of the Kuma, but its shorter and lighter. Bear Archery

“The new Kuma 30 was made possible due to our innovative roller hinge guard and advanced riser design,” says Langley. “Our roller hinge guard system is truly unique as it consistently reduces the lateral load from the cables each and every shot.”

The Kuma 30 was inspired by the extremely popular Kuma bow, a hybrid cam bow that shoots 345 feet per second and offers a smooth draw and high-level of forgiveness. To round out the Kuma family is the Kuma LD, which has the same trusted Kuma performance in a longer 27” to 32” draw length range.

“The Kuma is a very balanced bow the Kuma 30 takes that one step further making it shorter, lighter more moveable,” says Ryan Shutts, Bear Archery Director of Product Management.

Also new to the Legend Series this year is the Perception, a bow that promises you’ll never look at Bear Archery the same way again. The Perception is the first bow of its kind, a shoot-through engineered with all the performance of a target shoot-through in a small hunting bow package. This limited edition bow weighs only 4.3 lbs. and shoots 350 feet per second.

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The Perception looks as good as it performs, and will change the way you look at a bowhunting. Bear Archery

“It’s arguably the finest, most technical bow that Bear has ever produced and we know it’s going to get people’s attention,” says Parker. “Bear’s ability to produce high end bows has been somewhat underestimated by the archery community due to its success at the lower end of the price spectrum. That’s why we named it the Perception as it will change how people view Bear bows in the future.”

Bear Archery also is launching reinvigorating and exciting new products to their Bear X Crossbow line. Engineered for top-of-the-line speed, extreme accuracy, and dependability, these incredible weapons are perfect for any new to experienced hunter looking to spend more time in the woods.

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The BearX Vanish is a high performance crossbow at an entry level price. Bear Archery

Two new Bear X crossbows are the Saga 370 LS and Saga 370, ultra-fast crossbows that are dependable, trustworthy enough for the whole family to use, and sleek, lethal weapons. Shooting at 370 feet per second, these crossbows weigh 7.5 lbs. and offers 175 lb. draw weight while measuring 18″ uncocked and 14″ cocked.

The Saga 370 LS is a dealer-only bow with upgraded accessories for added comfort including an illuminated scope, quiver, neoprene sling, three carbon bolts, cocking rope, rail lube/string wax.

Another new addition to the Bear X lineup is the Vanish. This is a dependable, safe, accurate, and fast shooting bow at 370 feet per second with a draw weight of 190 lbs. The Vanish comes ready to shoot with scope, quiver, three carbon bolts, cocking rope, rail lube/string wax.

“It is an exciting time at Bear! We have been fortunate to have added some great talent to our team this year,” says Parker. “Ryan Shutts, Chris Parrish, Billy Holzhauser and Jack Borcherding have joined team Bear and have brought with them not only a wealth of experience, but a lot of energy and enthusiasm as well!”

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It’s never too early to share Bear with the next generation of archers. Bear Archery