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Outdoor gear is pricey—this lock keeps your stuff safe. goLock

If there’s one thing that ICAST, the biggest sportfishing tradeshow in the world, has shown us, it’s that if there’s a task in the outdoors, there’s a tool for it. Sometimes, companies simply expand on the bread-and-butter concepts with better processes, improved materials, higher-end technology, and increased functionality. Other times, manufacturers come up with truly innovative ideas for problems or procedures not previously addressed. This year’s ICAST collection featured both types of developments and included products that ran the gamut from original rigging items to kayak-fishing tools. Here are the best new accessories you need to know about.


VMC Neko Skirt

Neko rigs allow you to fish soft-plastic stick baits at deeper depths.

Improving the Neko rig, one of the hottest techniques in bass fishing, required only a modest cosmetic addition. But this change dramatically affects the rig’s appearance, action, and appeal. VMC dressed up its nail weight with a living rubber and silicone skirt, which creates enticing action with slight movement. When the angler shakes and pauses the bait, the skirt strands flare and contract like jig skirts. The conical ribs on the spike-shaped weight anchor the rig without tearing the bait. It will be available this fall in eight colors and 1/32-, 1/16-, 3/32-, and 1/8-ounce sizes. $2.99 (2-pack)


Yakima EasyRider Kayak Trailer

Trailers, like this Yakima Easy Rider, will instantly increase your kayak hauling capabilities.

Kayaking with family and friends means you need to figure out hauling logistics. With any more than two midsize kayaks, you’ll need more than one vehicle — unless you go with a trailer. Available by spring 2019, Yakima’s new EasyRider offers two levels: a 78-inch-wide top deck and a 50-inch lower deck. A 500-pound carrying capacity makes the EasyRider a good fit for hauling up to three fishing kayaks and small boats with room below for gear, coolers, etcetera. The EasyRider fits Class I, II and III hitches (2-inch ball), and it includes shock absorbers, tubeless tires, a smart handle, and a fold-away tongue. $2,799


Erupt Rod Threading Device

The Erupt Rod Threading Device is built to handle the pesky task of threading fishing line through your rod’s guides.

The Rod Threading Device (RTD) is billed as the first mechanical tool that addresses one of fishing’s most dreaded tasks quickly and effortlessly — running fishing line through a rod’s eyelets. Fishing line attaches knot-free to the RTD’s innovative bobbin clip (similar to a dropshot weight), and a guiding module provides a self-centering alignment over each rod guide, which feeds the bobbin and line through each one along the way. Compatible with casting and spinning rods for fresh and inshore saltwater use, the RTD comes with two clear “guiding” modules of differing channel widths that can be interchanged at the front of the unit (determined by a rod’s largest guide). Made of high-impact molded construction, the RTD includes a transparent window for viewing the rigging operation. $39.99


Frabill Trophy Haul Net

This fishing net is designed with increasing the catch-and-release survival rate of fish in mind.

Made with efficiency and catch-and-release capabilities in mind, this smartly-designed net features a Trophy Haul Yoke with an innovative handle that adds balance, strength, and leverage, while decreasing tension. Also, the Power Extend creates nearly 35 inches of handle length with the single push of a button. The design ensures that fish slide down the conservation netting at a gentle slope into the flat bottom, and a light module illuminates the reflective hoop for better subsurface viewing in low-light scenarios.

The Cauldryn Fyre brings cutting-edge technology to the thermos. Cauldryn

This vacuum-sealed, 16-ounce insulated stainless steel mug uses a rechargeable, battery-powered heating element to boil, brew, or keep warm liquids. The modular design allows the Cauldryn bottle to fit onto the Fyre heating element, which runs directly from either an AC or DC power source. The Cauldryn Fyre can also keep beverages cold. For life on the go, the Fyre’s dual USB ports allow you to charge mobile devices right off of the mug’s battery. $129


goLock Venture

Outdoor gear is pricey—this lock keeps your stuff safe.

This patent-pending, smartphone-enabled electronic lock secures outdoor gear and equipment, especially boats. You can arm and disarm the Bluetooth and Cellular compatible system through the free goLock app (Android or iOS). In the event of an attempted theft, the app sends an alert to the user’s smartphone, while the Venture blasts a 95-decibel alarm. Silicon coated smart cables are available in 1/8- or 3/8-inch diameters and 3-, 7-, 10- or 20-foot sizes. The rechargeable battery lasts up to seven days with normal use. $249.95


Brite-Strike Technologies Solar Powered APALS

These light strips only need some time in the sun to build a charge.

Ideal for kayaks and standup paddle boards, these All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips (APALS) require no drilling or wiring and come in 8-hour and 12-hour runtime models. They use hybrid solar panels that capture sunlight to charge the lithium cells and then provide 40 lumens of light during the night—and they’re even equipped with an emergency strobe mode. $20-$24


Catch Commander

The Catch Commander is a practical scale for tournament culling.

This advanced tournament culling scale is made for rough and rugged handling in time-sensitive scenarios, and its user-friendly interface ensures reliable performance. Water resistant electronics provide accurate readings on a large LCD screen so you can track the fish in your livewell (with system prompts for which fish to cull), store five fish weights and display them on screen, customize your cull limit (1-10), and keep a running tally of your aggregate weight. $84.99


Rapala Performance Tool Combo

This toolkit has everything you need for removing fishhooks.

Cutting, gripping, and extracting needs are all efficiently addressed with Rapala’s new collection. The 6-inch Mag Spring Pliers are made of 420 stainless steel with tin-nickel alloy plating and magnets for holding a fish’s jaws open. The Precision Line Scissors are spring-loaded for easy one-handed operation while cutting line. The 6-inch Floating Fish Gripper is great for securely holding your catch. $39.99


TH Marine Hydra Battery Terminal Multiplier

This battery terminal multiplier is built to last.

Need to get more out of your battery? T-H Marine Supplies has a solution for you in its new Hydra Battery Terminal Multiplier. With 3-way and 5-way terminals, the Hydra offers easily managed connections with lead-free, marine-grade zinc construction for improved conductivity and superior corrosion resistance.

Make the most out of the limited space on a kayak. Yak Gear

In the interest of maximizing space on a kayak, this compactable bag transforms a standard-sized milk crate into a dry storage solution and also doubles as a livewell for bait (with the addition of an optional aerator). Made of heavy-duty 5,000 D PVC Tarpaulin for light-weight strength, the durable bag features Velcro top access and a large, waterproof, three-sided zipper. The rounded corners promote oxygen circulation and keep bait alive longer. $24.99

These all-in-one shears are perfect for prepping bait and cleaning fish. Gerber Gear

Improving upon the basic notion of cutting shears, Gerber expanded their shears’ functionality, while preserving their legendary dependability. Built as an all-in-one tool that works cohesively or as individual pieces, the shears pack easily and feature a take-apart design. They include a gut hook, a ground-in scaler, and an exposed fine edge blade for bait prep. The standard scissor function includes a fin clipper feature. The oversized handle, made of glass-reinforced nylon & TPE, is ergonomic, and it features HydroTread Grip for traction. $42


Pole Daddy Rod Holder

Fight like you mean it with the Pole Daddy Rod Holder.

Sometimes a fighting belt is as much about convenience and effective rod posture as it is fish-battling leverage. This mindset yielded Pole Daddy’s user-friendly creation, which features a soft pouch mounted securely to a nylon that adjusts for waist sizes up to 52 inches. The rod holding pouch includes ridges to hold the rod in place and three drain holes to release water. A beverage holder keeps hydration close by, while a Velcro side-strap holds a fishing towel or secures your fishing rod while dehooking or rigging. $24.95


Cuda Fishing Tools Fillet Knife Kit

This set has all the blades you need to make the perfect fillet.

This 6-piece set includes a 2.5-inch bait knife, a 6-inch fillet knife, a 7-inch wide fillet knife, a 9-inch fillet knife, a knife sharpener, and a heavy-duty nylon case. All the knives are made of titanium-bonded German 4116 stainless steel and are fitted with non-slip handles. The case features a Prym1 Camo Shoreline pattern that displays the colors and textures of nature with organic shapes. $69.99

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The ChowPal is much more than just an eating utensil. Outdoor Edge

From campfire meals to shore lunches, eating utensils are one of the most commonly overlooked fishing items. Three-in-one tools are the easy solution, but Outdoor Edge has taken the concept to a higher level with a well-conceived multi-functional tool that adds a can opener, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and wrench set to the nested spork-knife. Made of 420J2 stainless steel, the ChowPal set weighs 2.4 ounces and measures 6.5 inches long. $27.50