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Here’s one of the most unusual lures to cross my desk in a long time.


The Bee model “Alive Lure” is a battery-operated surface plug that vibrates every few seconds as it sits in the water. The vibration makes its flat, plastic “wings” send ripples across the water like a helpless insect. Fish will, as the maker says, “catch the buzz.”

It weighs about three-quarters of an ounce, and is 2.75 inches long.

The front and rear sections screw apart to allow replacement of a small photo-cell battery, which is said to last for about 14 hours of continuous use. The lure’s action is water-activated. It doesn’t run when dry, and there is no switch. It comes from a company called Diversified Technology in Lynnbrook, New York. There is as yet no active website, nor do I have any pricing information, but the lure will apparently be on the market sometime later this year.

So I’ve dropped this thing in a bowl of water, and it works. A noticeable vibration sends out ripples every few seconds just as shown in the photo. I’m sure a bass or two will eat this thing. But I’m also sure I could catch a bass or two on a cigar butt if I had to.

So is this gizmo going to be the greatest surface lure of all time? I know what I think. What do you think? –John Merwin