Coyote Hunting photo

First it was mountain lions now comes word that a 104-pound “coyote” shot in Missouri back in November is actually a wild wolf, according to DNA analysis.

From this story in the Wichita (Kan) Eagle:
“… after about 4 1/2 months the Missouri Department of Conservation has officially identified a 104-pound wild canine as a wolf after the second round of DNA testing. After the first round they announced the big animal shot opening weekend of the Missouri deer season was a coyote. The announcement drew howls of laughter from even those with only a little background in the outdoors. Coyotes very rarely exceed 40 pounds in the midwest.
_”…Apparently the first round of testing compared the animal’s DNA to that of Rocky Mountain wolves. It appears to be of the type that have thrived in the Great Lakes for years.”

So what’s up with Missouri? Is it the new Montana? Are grizzlies next?