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If we’ve heard the old saw about “never carry a knife to a gun fight” once, we’ve heard it a million times, right?

So why not do both? With one handy-dandy weapon?

From this post on boingboing:

From a 1930s Johnson Smith & Co catalog, “The Defender,” a combo pocket knife/”revolver.” It’s clearly “a most useful combination that will be thoroughly appreciated by sportsmen, hunters, campers, night watchmen, cyclists, automobilists, travellers, ladies, and the public generally∑ Nothing could be more serviceable on a fishing tramp as it obviates the necessity of carrying a heavy gun.”

Pretty fascinating stuff, if a bit screwball. Reading the ad copy is a hoot (a readable version of the photo is below). But I’m confused: where’s the “revolver” part? And what, exactly, is a “fishing tramp” (other than Joe Cermele?).