If you ever endure the Dante-level hell that is driving through Yellowstone National Park in the summertime, here’s the perfect app for you…

From this story in the Christian Science Monitor:

Contrary to the notion that vacations are best enjoyed “unplugged,” if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of wolves, grizzly bears and bison at Yellowstone National Park, the best place to be on the lookout may soon be a cellphone. New smartphone apps enable people to pinpoint where they’ve recently seen critters in Yellowstone. People who drive to those locations can — at least in theory — improve their odds of seeing wildlife compared to the typical tourist’s dumb luck. One app called Where’s a Bear promises “up to the second” animal sightings in Yellowstone. Recently a website called Yellowstone Wildlife began offering a similar app.

Why is this the perfect app? Because it will tell you precisely where all the swivelnecks are, so you know precisely where not to go. Now if they could just design an app for the 21st-Century misanthrope that will help you avoid everyone else, too, the smartphone would truly live up to its name.