The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently netted, tagged and then released the largest sturgeon ever captured in the state. How big? The 125-year-old swimming fossil weighed 240 pounds and taped out at 87 1/2 inches long.

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has tagged a 125-year-old sturgeon that’s bigger than a linebacker. Officials found the over 7-foot-3-inch long, 240-pound female on the Wolf River near Shawano on Tuesday. DNR sturgeon biologist Ron Bruch says she’s the largest they’ve tagged on the Lake Winnebago system since they started the tagging program in 1950s.

She would have weighed about 30 pounds more, but she already laid some eggs. At 240 pounds, she’s only 2 pounds heavier than Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop. At 87.5 inches long, she’s 3½ inches taller than former Bucks center Andrew Bogut. Bruch estimates she was born around 1887 — when Grover Cleveland was president.