Justin Timberlake and Hank Williams, Jr. like to hang out and talk about turkey hunting. Not in an alternate universe. In this one. At least according to People Magazine.

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Justin Timberlake was hanging out backstage at a Hank Williams Jr. concert – and he was in good company.The singer-actor was joined at the Southhaven, Miss., gig (where Williams was performing under the naming Rockin’ Randall) by fiancee Jessica Biel, mom Lynne and business partner/BFF Trace Ayala. And, clearly, there was lots to discuss. “What a great guy,” Williams said afterward of Timberlake. “Justin is a friend of my rebel son Kid Rock. He sure is a good country boy. We talked about girls, guitars, turkey hunting, going on cruises and how much we hate them, even though Bobby (Kid Rock) is on one right now and loving it, ugh!”

Justin Timberlake and Hank Williams, Jr. on a turkey hunt. Imagine it. Move over, “**** In a Box”, because I see the potential for a new and completely awesome “Saturday Night Live” skit. Thoughts? Ideas?