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A Tacoma, Washington fly shop owner plans on upgrading his security system after thieves broke in and made off with over $40,000 worth of merchandise, which at today’s retail tackle prices amounted to three rods, two reels and a pair of sunglasses.*

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A local fisherman is hoping police can help him reel in the crooks who have burglarized his business two times this year. Anil Srivastava owns the Puget Sound Fly Company and can rattle off fly fishing lingo like nobody’s business. His store is a must-see spot for local anglers, but lately it’s been visited by brazen thieves.

The burglars got in through a vacant space next to the business and had a field day, snatching up rods, reels and cash. In all, Srivastava said they made off with $40,000 worth of cash and merchandise. “They put some thought into it,” said Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum. “I think this business was targeted in this instance.”

*OK, not really, but it does raise an interesting question: do you secure your fishing tackle against theft? Many of us have gun safes for our firearms, but when I first saw this story, I started looking around my cluttered home office and discovered that not only do I have a number of reels and/or rods that cost at least as much as some of the guns I so diligently keep under lock and key, but that said, rods and/or reels were scattered all across my office and garage. If someone were to break in, I doubt they’d crack my saferoom but they’d sure be able to haul off a bunch of hellaciously expensive fishing tackle.

Anyone have a safe dedicated to rods, reels and other expensive fishing gear?