Coyote Hunting photo

It might be a few months before a Missouri hunter finds out what, exactly, he shot earlier this week. It may be a monster coyote, or it may be something else.

[ 140-Pound Missouri Coyote Determined to Be Wolf ]

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The hunter whose bow and arrow ended the life of the 80-pound animal near Boonville, MO, Tuesday told investigators he thought it was a coyote. Wildlife Regional Supervisor John George believes it was an honest mistake. “Most people in Missouri are going to have some frequency of occurrence with coyotes, they’re quite common. With wolves, the majority of the time it’s probably somebody’s large dog that they’re seeing,” said John George with the Missouri Department of Conservation. The hunter reported his kill to the department of conservation officials who then turned it over to the science division for testing. DNA samples were collected and the animal’s corpse was stored in a freezer.
The largest coyote on record anywhere weighed 74 pounds, so this is either one mother of a coyote, or it’s something else. Question is, what? Remember, this isn’t the first time something weird’s been shot in Missouri. It happened last year, too, when a 104-pound coyote was determined to be a wolf.