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A new fishing kayak was released today called the Predator (top), which appears to be Old Town’s answer to Hobie’s popular Pro Angler model. Both yaks are part of a trend toward bigger, more comfortable fishing kayaks that trade range and speed for customizable versatility. Both the Predator and the Pro Angler feature highly stable multi-hull designs, extra-wide beams, and adjustable, removable seats that emphasize angler comfort (they look almost like deck chairs). Both are great kayaks for big-bodied anglers, those who want to stand up while fishing, and those who need lots of cargo space for carrying livewells, coolors, and other bulky gear. Both boats feature slip-resistant decking as well as mounting plates that let you attach rod holders, GPS mounts, or other accessories without having to drill holes in your hull. Both were designed to accomodate trolling motors.


Which kayak is better? I’ve not yet fished from either boat, but at first glance note three major differences between the Predator and the Pro Angler. In the Pro Angler’s favor: Hobie’s patented Mirage Drive lets you pedal your way across the water, leaving your hands free to rig rods, jig while trolling, or send text messages to your buds about all the fish you’re catching, all without slowing down. It’s an amazing technology that makes a huge difference in the number of fish you catch. In the Predator’s favor: The 12-foot Old Town boat weighs just 68 pounds, which is 30 pounds lighter (and two inches narrower) than the 12-foot Pro Angler model. This makes the Predator a lot easier to transport than the Pro Angler, which can be a real challenge to get onto a roof rack. Also, at a $1,199 MSRP the Predator costs less than half of what you pay for a Pro Angler.


Find details for both boats below:

Old Town Predator MX


Length: 12 feet
Width: 34 inches
Weight: **68 pounds
**Max Capacity:
375-400 pounds
MSRP: $1,199

Hobie Pro Angler 12


Length: 12 feet
Width: 36 inches
Max Capacity: 500 pounds
Weight: 98 pounds
MSRP: $2,849