At a recent Missouri gun show a Kansas company made a marketing push for the Patriot Pillow, which is a cushion with a hidden compartment large enough to hold a handgun.

Initially called the Privacy Pillow, the concealed pouch was created to hold bedside items like TV remotes or glasses and be comfortable enough to sleep on. But representative Nathan Powers told ABC affiliate KQTV the concept can also provide a secret repository for self-defense weapons, and while someone could sleep on the pillow, they don’t have to.

“If you’re sleeping, you may choose to sleep on top of it. If it’s soft enough, you could do that. For people who don’t want to sleep on the pillow with the gun underneath their head, knife, pepper spray or whatever you have, taser, you could sleep with it in the bed next to you,” said powers.

Some potential buyers thought the idea was great but were concerned about safety issues and the chances of a firearm accidentally discharging.

“A properly maintained firearm that you know how to handle? Zero. If it’s a poorly maintained firearm, it can go off when you pick it off a table. If it’s improperly handled or you don’t know what you’re doing, then that raises the risk,” said Powers.