Goose Hunting photo

A hunter in Oklahoma was calling geese with his buddies over the Christmas holiday when he saw something unexpected: a kangaroo hopping past their field blind.

Tulsa CBS affiliate KOTV says Andrew Rice saw the animal from a distance, and couldn’t believe his eyes at first, but he had just enough time to get out his phone to record the encounter. He posted the video on his Facebook page as proof for those who didn’t believe his story, and since then, it’s been viewed thousands of times.

“I had no idea what to think. It was just mind blowing. Can’t explain it, you really can’t. It’s just something you’d never see out in the wild like that, a kangaroo in Oklahoma,” Rice said.

The story goes on to say kangaroos actually enjoy cold weather and the snow. A private party actually owns the animal Rice filmed, and they were able to recapture it unharmed Monday afternoon.