Squirrel Hunting photo

It’s not often the subject of hunting comes up in Hollywood conversations, but squirrel hunting recently got its 15 seconds of fame when Anna Faris, who stars in the CBS sitcom Mom, mentioned her husband, actor Chris Pratt, fed squirrels to her family at Thanksgiving on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Wednesday.

Faris seemed a bit queasy about the whole ordeal, telling Kimmel that Pratt and her brother regularly “harvest squirrel during the holidays.”

“They have to cook it outside on the barbecue,” said Faris, “Because my mom refuses to have, I don’t know, the smell of cooking squirrel in her kitchen. I don’t know why. And they season it heavily cause, you know, you have to. It’s squirrel.”

While Faris might be uncomfortable with hunting (or at least plays it up for the camera, her husband doesn’t hide his passion for the outdoors. Pratt, star of Parks and Recreation and movies like Zero Dark Thirty, often talks about hunting during interviews, including a recent issue of Outdoor Life.