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Not only can it be done, but there are two ways to do it: 1) You can hold a nail in your off hand, or put it in your pocket, while you call in a turkey with a turkey call; 2) you can use the nail, along with a block of wood and a piece of slate, to make turkey sounds that lure in your tom.

Doug Herman with Cottonwood Hunting Lodge in Nebraska does it the second way. In fact, when we asked Herman, in the April feature story “Turkey Freaks,” what call he would use if he could only use one, he said: “Actually, 95 percent of my calling is from one call–a nail call I’ve used for years to mimic clucks, purrs, yelps, cutts, even kee kees. The striker is a horseshoe nail you work against a chunk of slate. You’d swear you were hearing a real turkey.”

In this video, Herman reveals how to make a nail call, and how to call in your next gobbler with it.