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Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather have five durable, dirt-cheap blades stashed around my home, truck, and camp than one expensive pocket queen. Cold Steel scratches that itch with the Finn Wolf, a folding puukko that has fast become my new every-day-carry knife. (If you want a higher-end model, the company has also recently released the Ultimate Hunter, a big folding drop point with a proprietary alloy blade ($190), and a slick high-carbon Drop Forged Hunter that has belly for days—the sort of blade you’d want in Jurassic Park for field dressing stegosauruses, say.) The Finn Wolf’s provenance is in those inexpensive working knives I like so much. It was long a $14 fixed-blade puukko in the Cold Steel catalogue before it was discontinued. It was a hell of a good beater knife that now serves on permanent duty in my Tacoma’s glove compartment. Though the new version is a bit more expensive, seeing it resurrected as a folder brought a smile to my face.

Weight: 3.4 oz.

Overall Length: 7 7/8″

Blade Length: 3 1/2″

Blade Thickness: 3 mm

Handle: 4 3/8″ Grey Griv-Ex™

Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless


As maintenance is not my strong suit, I’m a fan of stainless blades, and this is a good one, with a scandi grind that many will love. Some bushcrafter’s building two-story cabins with only knives will cry for a flat grind, but for most of us this high-angle scandi is perfect for EDC work. I used it to make feather sticks on a recent campout with no issue. I thought for sure this would turn the shaving-sharp blade, but it did not. The edge even held up to some light battoning as I split wood to kindling. The handle material—Cold Steel’s version of grivory polymer—is equally tough. (The website calls it OD green, but it is in fact grey.) There is no metal liner, which helps make the whole package light. Best of all, its all built around Cold Steel’s well-established Tri-Ad lock, probably the strongest folder mechanism out there.

The Tri-Ad lock is very stiff and takes some time to break in—a small price to pay for its overall strength. The scandi grind is so sharp that it doesn’t suit heavy duty work out the box.

The Bottom LIne
This is a folding puukko with a scandi grind and Tri-Ad lockback. It can be found online for less than $40. If you want more for that price, you’re being unreasonable.