All Public-Land Deer Hunting DVDs

I've been watching hunting videos for a couple of decades now and, for the most part, I consider myself a fan. While I won't burn any hunting/outdoor (or other quality) time on watching other people hunt on TV, I'm happy to watch videos in the rare moments when I have nothing else going. And like many of you, I have my favorites; shows where the videography is great, the whitetails are pretty and the hunters portrayed seem like pleasant-enough individuals.

For the most part, I view such media strictly as entertainment. Most hunts are filmed with outfitters (which I can't afford) or on big tracts of managed land (also not on my financial radar). So while I certainly don't begrudge the guys who do get to enjoy such luxury, I also never kid myself that what they are experiencing mirrors the whitetail hunting that I enjoy.

But I stumbled onto a different type of video team just last summer. They call themselves "Whitetail Adrenaline" and their motto is refreshingly simple: "No guides, no outfitters, no sponsors." I met co-owner Jared Scheffler last year and he rides herd over a bunch of young, hungry guys who love to hunt deer. But here's the difference; they also recognized that what got them into the sport--finding and hunting deer on small farms and public land--was largely ignored by most other production crews. Indeed, the latest offering by the WA crew is a video comprised entirely of hunts on public land. I find such commitment admirable, and far more reflective of the hunting experience most of us enjoy. I wish them the best of luck in marketing their unique product, and I encourage you to check out their website to view some preview clips and see if you might agree with me.