Mule Deer Hunting photo

I’m always envious of Western hunters, primarily because–in most cases–they get to start earlier than the rest of us! I adore mulie and elk hunts for a number of reasons, but near the top of the list is that I only have to wait ’til late August or early September to venture to that gorgeous country.


For this reason (combined with my gushing affection for mule deer), the picture above got me pretty excited yesterday. The monster mulie here may take the place of the top typical buck from the state of New Mexico. Well-known for its primo elk hunting, the Land of Enchantment is obviously no slouch when it comes to deer!

I don’t have a lot of information on this buck, other than it was shot by a hunter using the services of guide Cooper Moore. Apparently Cooper had been playing cat-n-mouse with this giant for two full seasons before client John Gisi was able to make things happen. The velvet mulie sported a 40″ spread and is expected to net around 220″ B&C. Wonderful buck!!