Saltwater Fishing photo

We’ve talked a lot in the past about the dangers of shark fishing. While lots of people have close calls boating threshers and makos, you don’t often hear stories that result in hospitalization or bloodshed. I’d say that’s because while sharks may have a mouth full of teeth, those teeth don’t extend four feet out in front of their heads.

Marlin, on the other hand, need but thrash or jump, swinging that needle-nose around and damage to boats and anglers becomes relatively common. Take the photo above. That man is getting speared through the back by hot blue marlin that decided to fly over the transom during the fight. If you need more proof, I suggest you check out this gallery I just put together of seven marlin attack videos, including the one from which I grabbed the still shot you see here.

But I warn you: some of these videos are not pretty, so watch at your own risk.

Now I give plenty of credit to catfish noodlers who get cut up by fin spines and the occasional muskie man that gets a clamp-down on his hand. But you tell me what’s more dangerous than a marlin coming into the boat at warp speed?