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Chuck Taylor

Fly fishing gear doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes the best fly fishing gear isn’t really, well, fly fishing gear to begin with. For example, I’m still pretty convinced that the 99-cent mini fingernail clippers I bought at the drugstore work about as well as the $8.99 pair of nippers one can buy at the fly shop.

These shoes are some of my favorites… for walking the flats. Chuck Taylor All-Star high tops are about the best flats-walking bargain I’ve fished in. Sturdy bottom. They dry quick. Not too hot. Look cool. Cost $35. Can you beat that?

You may have noticed the “Cheap Thrills” issue of Field & Stream on stands now. I’ve received many nice comments on the home brew fly floatant (mix lighter fluid and hand cream, without smoking) recipe I picked up from Dan Stein several years ago. There are a lot of good tips in that issue.

But what have we left out? What are some of your best cost-cutting, home-brewed, fly fishing gizmos, gadgets and recipes?