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Trout Unlimited has named Chris Wood, currently TU’s chief operating officer, to fill the chief executive officer’s position held by Charles Gauvin since 1991. Wood will take over February 1.

Since Gauvin took the helm of TU at the age of 34, the organization’s development has been nothing short of extraordinary. According to a TU press announcement, back then,

“TU’s budget was $2.5 million and it had approximately 50,000 members. There was just one staff person who worked on conservation issues. Under Gauvin’s leadership, the organization has grown to 140,000 members with an operating budget in excess of $26 million and a professional staff of over 130.”


TU is now, without question, one of the most influential conservation organizations in America, and the lead entity in protecting rivers vital to fly fishing. Gauvin will remain on the organizations board of trustees.

Wood arrived at TU in 2001 after working as a senior policy and communications advisor to Mike Dombeck, chief of the U.S. Forest Service during the Clinton administration. His work in TU has helped the organization earn several important environmental wins for anglers.

“From a western perspective, I can tell you Chris is largely responsible for the conservation footprint TU is leaving throughout our region–his vision and leadership have resulted in the creation of TU’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project, and he continues to support the excellent work of the Western Water Project,” said Chris Hunt, of TU’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project.

Trout anglers have a lot to thank Gauvin for, and a good reason to be optimistic that Wood will advance the TU cause even further. Whether you are an avid angler or just a fly fishing dabbler, you should take a moment to learn more about Trout Unlimited and its mission, and consider joining if you are not among the 140,000 TU members already.