Saltwater Fishing photo

Florida’s recent record cold snap claimed countless numbers of fish last week, and among the belly-up corpses bobbing near beaches and boat docks was a 38-inch, 52-pound, world-record-size pacu. The current IGFA all-tackle record is 44 pounds.


_Saturday morning, Chauncelor Howell and Mike Iania went to River Park on Prima Vista Boulevard with the hopes of catching a couple of fish. What they never expected was to find one of the largest specimens ever seen of a fish native to South America’s Amazon River.

“It was low tide and I looked down and saw something strange lying near the north end of the pier,” he said. “So I put on my gloves, jumped down and picked it up onto the pier.”
Iania and son Matthew, 11, saw the large fish and were amazed by its size and uniqueness.