Fly Fishing photo
Fly Fishing photo


I know it’s getting a bit warm for this recommendation, but if you live in a mountain climate like I do you, still have a month or so of cold mornings and evenings out on the water.

If you’ve never used a pair of hand warmers I highly suggest it. Although the technology is quite old, the heat produced by the iron, salt, wood, and charcoal mixture when its exposed to air still amazes me. I like the HotHands-2 brand, which seem to last longer and stay warmer than others I’ve tried.

I gave up using gloves when fishing in the cold years ago. I don’t even bring them any more. I grew tired of taking mittens on and off, or accidently getting them wet when landing a fish. Plus it’s worse for the fish when you touch them with anything other than wet skin. I simply make sure my jacket has two open waist-high pockets, throw a pair of hand warmers in, and when my digits can’t take the cold any more, take a break and shove my hands in for a spell. Voila! They’re like new.

My lastest trick is to use HotHands’ Toasti Toes foot warmers for my hands. They’re not as large as the hand warmers, but they have an adhesive backing you can use to stick them to the insides of your pockets, which guarantees they won’t fall out when you’re reaching down to unhook a fish.