Trout Fishing photo
Trout Fishing photo


The question can be taken two ways. On the one hand, I’m wondering how big a fish has to be before you call it big? For me, the magic number for trout has always been 20-inches.

By any definition, this brown trout caught by Anne Hamner on the Rio Irigoyen in Argentina is mucho trucha… a lot ‘o trout. It weighed 24 pounds. She released it.

Here’s the question that’s more fun. What do you call that big daddy when you catch him? I’m a little weary on the pork product descriptions… e.g. a “pig,” a “hawg,” a “slab.”

I like some reptile references… a “toad,” a “gator” among them. Beast works. Behemoth is better. Monster… eh.

Trophy? Too sterile. Wallhanger. Too deer hunting.

I need a word, and I promise that if you give me a really good moniker for a gigantic fish, I will steal it, and write it in the magazine story I’m working on now (without crediting you). At least I’m telling you up-front… and I will let you know which story and what issue it’s running in. It’s the least I could do for an assist from my fishing pals.