Trout Fishing photo
Trout Fishing photo

Cast Plate

One thing about fly fishers… we’re a proud lot, and eager to let the world know what we do and why we do it. One look at my truck, which I call “The Silver Doctor,” and it’s pretty clear that I fly fish… from flies stuck in the sun visors to spent spools of tippet littering the bed. But I have never had a custom license plate for my truck. I’ve never been clever enough to find the perfect six-letter/number combination.

I like this one about as much as any… straightforward and concise. We don’t just fish… “we cast.”

Some vanity plates pay homage to fish… BRN TRT, or BUL RED, for example.

And then there are the fly staples: I’ve seen MUDDLR, and BWO PMD before… I think in Michigan and Montana, respectively.

What’s the cleverest license plate you’ve seen on a hunter’s or fisher’s vehicle? Do you have one yourself? And any suggestions you have for me are most welcome.