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_by Tim Romano
A couple of weeks ago I was checking out my friend, Michael Gracie’s Blog and came across what must be the ultimate DIY fly-tying vise. When I say DIY I mean it. This sucker was built out of 4 parts from the local Home Depot and cost just $9.57.


Michael says, “I made a big mistake along the way, but nothing that’ll cost me more than a few bucks to rectify. I used a 3/8ths drill bit for the angled hole, but I should have used a 7/16ths instead. The hole in the table leg was just a bit too narrow, so like any impatient engineer I took a rubber mallet to the X-acto handle – in the process I split the wood AND bent the knife handle. Further, I didn’t account for the head rotation when securing the hook.

He also says, “…it works! I ran through a number of Gamakatsu SC15 #1′s without issue, and think this particular setup would probably work from 1/0 down to about #14.

To see how Gracie did it and what he used click here. If anyone can build a vise for the number of parts used or the cost I’m all ears…