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The one thing I can’t stand about winter fly fishing is ice forming in the guides of my rod. But there’s a cheap, simple fix for that.

Simply spray some PAM non-stick cooking spray on those guides before you head out to the river. Don’t gunk it on, and wipe away the excess. You might give the smaller guides at the end of the rod an extra shot or two right before you string up.

I know other anglers who like to use things like WD-40, but I prefer a slightly less “industrial” solution, and PAM seems to work pretty well. It will last a good couple hours or so, depending on how cold the air is where you’re fishing. Besides, if the fishing is really slow, and you use the olive-oil flavor, you can always chew on your line and pretend it’s spaghetti.

I haven’t dared to try squirting it on my flies to see if the fish like the flavor.

I know some of you (Koldkut) have your own fixes for icy guides, so let’s hear them.