Fly Fishing photo

I’ve seen and tried several fly fishing apps on my phone just because they exist and seem like a fun thing to do for a few minutes. Most of them revolve around catching fish, and honestly aren’t very good. A new app called FlyCaster wants help you get your casting rhythm down instead of catching fish. After a few days of playing with it, I have to say it’s pretty damn accurate — and fun.

The app lets you hone casts on famous rivers like the Madison River, Klamath River, and Yellow Breeches Creek with three different rod setups: 3-weight, 5-weight, and 8-weight.

You can fish up to three spots on each river. You can practice casting strokes with the metronome beat on the 10 o’ clock to 2 o’ clock marks with a chime that signifies when you nail a perfect stroke. The better the cast, the bigger the fish.

More importantly, you can also check casting biomechanics while you fish. Or review your stroke synch rates for the month and year, change rods any time, and choose either right-hand or left-hand rod setups.

While I’d rather be out on the water rather than staring at a tiny screen, the app does have its place. If you’re in the office, at home, or vehicle bound for a spell, give it a try. It’s a fun way to at least pretend like you’re fishing for a bit.