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Last week I had the privilege of attending one of Tenkara USA’s fly tying “get-togethers” hosted by Daniel Galhardo, founder of Tenkara USA. Galhardo was the first person to bring this style of reel-less fishing to the United States. He sat down with me yesterday and shared why tying Tenkara flies is so simple, quick and easy.

Tenkara fishing originated in Japan and was strictly a commercial operation back in the day. As such, it was done in the most effective manner possible. The same can be said for the flies in Tenkara fishing. Most of them can be tied with a hook, sewing thread and a single feather. They can even be tied without a vice or a whip finish tool as Daniel demonstrates here.

For those of you who might not be that into tying flies (like me) I thought this video and the ideology behind Tenkara flies might be of some interest to you. For more info on Tenkara flies visit TenakaraUSA or the company’s Vimeo page for more video instruction.