Fly Fishing photo

I love fishing streamers. The bigger the better… I also love throwing mice and lemming patterns for big trout, bass, and other swimming toothy critters that enjoy an occasional mammal treat off the surface. That’s why when my friend causally told me she’d fed a poodle to a muskie the other night over dinner I nearly fell out of my chair. No kidding…


The fact that I even found the image above over at is bizarre. I WAS image searching that very thing this morning after after hearing the story, just to see if there were other instances and apparently some one else must have seen it happen or they just have a very creative mind. Anyway…

The story, quite simply goes like this. My friend Holly as a child was asked to teach a neighbors small poodle to try and learn how to swim for a couple bucks. This took place somewhere in Wisconsin on a lake known for big muskies. She started shallow, placing the dog in a couple of inches of water trying to get it to paddle back to shore and progressively moved deeper. At some point she decided to take the dog out to the end of the dock where there was a very deep drop off. Apparently she placed the dog in the water to try and coax it back to shore when a huge muskie silently flashed out of the depths grabbed the dog and took it down without so much as a yelp or a bubble. She swears that this happened. I honestly believe her. I’ve heard of other crazy fish eating mammal stories, but this one takes the cake for sure.

What do you think, could a muskie eat a poodle?