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talley rings

There is little doubt in my military mind that right now, Talley scope mounts are the best thing out there (unless you’re looking for tactical mounts, in which case you look at Leupold Mark 4s). Talley makes a number of systems, but the one I’m referring to is the Fixed Ring, which is actually the second generation. (The first generation is the Quick-Detachable, which you don’t need unless you have serious iron sights as well as a scope.)

The Fixed Ring system is simplicity itself. Each ring is split vertically and connected at the bottom by a massive honking Torx-head screw and at the top by a second Torx-head screw that honks a little less loudly. The rings fit into bases that have a recoil lug front and back, and they have nowhere to go under recoil. There are no joints anywhere, and when properly torqued down, nothing budges, ever.

I have Talleys on all of my hard-kicking rifles–Fixed-rings on three .338s and a .338 Remington Ultra Mag and QDs on a .416 Remington and a .450 Dakota that will show you visions of the next world after a few shots. The machining is impeccable, the prices are reasonable, and there are enough variations in finish, ring height, ring diameter, plus extension bases, that you can get any scope on any rifle. Probably the most eloquent testimonial to Talley’s quality is the number of custom gun builders who choose them. It must be something like 90 percent from what I’ve seen.

You may be saying to yourself, “Well, it looks like Talley reached the old bastard to get press like that,” and you would be correct. A few years ago Talley president Gary Turner bought me a catfish sandwich, and it was a damn good one. Talleyrings.com.