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While at the SCI Convention in Reno, I visited with gun builder D’Arcy Echols, and was allowed to grope one of his left-hand Legend rifles in .270. The Legend was on loan back to him, and here is its history from D’Arcy:

“The gal that owns this rifle has used it on mule deer in Colorado, elk and moose in Utah, and red stag, chamois, and tahr in New Zealand. This year a Yukon moose and grizzly hunt is on the calendar. She shoots factory Remington Safari Grade 140-grain Swift A-Frame ammo. To date nothing has gotten away to die a slow, lingering death. She has taken some ribbing from male hunters in camp for shooting such a minimal caliber but always seems to serve them up a plate of very dry crow to eat at the end of the hunt. She has no other rifle and no plans to acquire another. Beware of the one-gun gal.”


As bullets get better (and A-Frames are about as good as they get), caliber is less and less important. I would hesitate to use a .270 on a grizzly, but if you can kill a 1,000-pound moose with one you can do in a 600-pound bear. If I had not been frightened by Elmer Keith during my formative years, I would not use a .338 so much.

Second, the rifle is as you see it here–not a mark, not a scratch, not a ding, despite considerable use. This is the only way to treat a fine rifle, or any other rifle. People who beat up their guns will either burn in hell for all eternity or be reincarnated as liberal Democrats.

As a side note, some of you have been wondering, “Where the hell are the booth babes?” I have been wondering myself, and am pleased to inform you that as of today, 21 of the SHOT Show’s finest are on our website. Click here and enjoy.