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And now for one of the most radical rifles these gnarled and palsied hands have ever clutched. Krieghoff, in case you’re devoid of culture, is a German gunmaker that’s been around since 1886, and is known for its very high-grade competition shotguns and elegant double rifles. So, when this venerable firm came out came out with a brand-new slide-action big-game rifle, and a radically different slide action at that, fundaments slammed shut all over the world of guns.


What separates the Semprio from all other pump guns is that the fore-end moves forward and back, and the bolt remains stationary, when the action is cycled. This ingenious design actually helps the rifle operate. When you pull the trigger, the action unlocks and recoil moves the buttstock and action rearward; the fore-end and barrel seem to fly forward of their own volition. It’s lightning fast and very positive; I was able to get off four aimed shots in 5 ½ seconds, timed by a camera, and this was only my second time shooting it rapid fire. You can get a couple of good looks at the Semprio at work by going to You Tube or watching the video below:


Unlike conventional pumps, there’s no slop or wobble in the fore-end and unlike conventional pump-gun triggers, which are hopeless, the Semprio’s excellent trigger is a crisp 2 pounds, 8 ounces. It feeds from a detachable box magazine (which you can load easily while it’s in the rifle) and comes in 16 calibers from .223 on up. The barrel for non-magnum cartridges is 21 ½ inches and quite light, and for magnums it’s 25. The iron sights use fluorescent beads, and are excellent.

To be continued…