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To segue from my previous post about movies back to shotguns via paraphrase: “Patches? We don’t need no patches!”*

That would be the motto of Remington’s new Bore Squeeg-E. As you can see in the picture, it’s a rubber bore cleaner that attaches to a pull-through cable. According to Remington’s claims for it, the Squeeg-E does in one pass what it used to take several cloth patches to accomplish and it cuts down on the need for brushes, too.


I am all for anything that lets me clean guns less so I gave my Browning Cynergy and a couple of revolvers the one-pull Squeeg-E test. They came out literally (thing makes a squealing noise as it goes through the bore) squeaky clean. They Cynergy had been fairly dirty, the revolvers were not, but as far as I could tell the Squee-G got down into the rifling as advertised and left it shiny. The shotgun’s bores were very clean, too.

The Squeeg-Es are made of a proprietary material that is supposed to resist cleaning chemicals. Obviously I haven’t had a chance to see how long it lasts yet and I don’t know if it will replace patches but it’s an intriguing idea.

Mine came in a Bushmaster pull-through cleaning kit that has Squeeg-Es for all calibers. You can also buy them individually for a couple of bucks. I’d be curious to hear what those of you who have tried them on very dirty rifles have to say.

*in the days before Google and Youtube I would have asked if someone could name the actor and the film. Now the answer is too easy to find even if you never saw the movie. By the way, like “Play it again, Sam,” “We don’t need no stinking badges” is, strictly speaking, a misquote, but perhaps an improvement on the original line.