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Well, okay, the Stoeger Longfowler O/U isn’t a “delight” per se, it’s much too crudely finished and heavy for that, but “Turkish Pleasant Surprise” isn’t catchy. Honestly, I didn’t expect to like this gun. It weighs well over eight pounds and sells for less than many pump guns. I figured it would swing with the grace of a railroad tie. My friend Clint, a hardcore duck hunter, had the same preconceived notions I did as we took it out of the box.

We shot it at Scrap (trap from the skeet stations, two shots per target) and found ourselves grinning. We both agreed the Longfowler was a well-balanced gun that was easy to hit with and fun to shoot. I expected it to be muzzle heavy–actually muzzle obese–but the weight was well distributed and the gun moved well to the target, and if you missed, it was easy and fast to correct and make the followup shot.

It has a single trigger and extractors, and a matte finish on the metal and wood. It comes in 12 and 20 gauge with 3-inch chambers, 30-inch barrels like a proper waterfowl gun, and extended choke tubes.

I don’t shoot O/Us at waterfowl, because I like my third shot, but this gun is pretty tempting since it only costs $449. No, that isn’t a typo, it really does list for $449. While I have not shot Stoeger O/Us enough to vouch for their long-term reliability, this gun sells for such a low price you could pick one up as your wallow-in-the-mud gun or a backup.