I should have posted this video before last week’s Gun Fight Friday, which pitted the classic Auto 5 against the lesser known and crudely made Baikal MP 153. The MP 153 is an unlovely gun, but it is tough, as this video clearly demonstrates. Dunk it in icy water? No problem, it shoots. Cover it with a bucketful of mud? It shoots for a while, but when it gets too muddy to cycle, you only have to dunk it water to fix it.

I wrote in the gun fight copy that the MP 153 is cheap and it works, which some construed as faint praise. Hardly. The MP 153 has a reputation for cycling in all sorts of conditions that would stop another gun as you can see here. It’s a gas gun chambered for 3 ½-inch shells. You do have to use a special wrench (it comes with the gun) to adjust the valve from heavy to light loads. Remington branded and sold it briefly as the SPR453 but it is still sold through EAA ( if you want one. They start at just $539.

About the video. This silent, tough guy (my fingers would turn too numb to function after the first dip in the water) has posted what is possibly the best Internet gun review I have ever seen, all with hardly a word of dialog.

(See my shotgun first aid story for when your gun gets accidentally dunked in the field).