Bass Fishing photo

If your stomach has been in knots since August over the evil, terrorist-like ring in Wisconsin that has been striking fear into the hearts of the community by stealing fish-shaped mailboxes, you can finally breathe easy. They have been caught and authorities will not be lax with punishment. They will receive 3 Saturday detentions each and not be permitted to attend the winter formal dance.

From the story in the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: Police have busted up a high school student theft ring that has been snatching bass-shaped mailboxes from residences.

Ten New Berlin West students who called themselves the “Bass Hunters” were involved in the thefts, and seven of the bass mailboxes have been recovered, Lt. Mike Glider said Monday.

The thieves were netted after a “good, thorough investigation by the school resource officer at New Berlin West,” Glider said.

He declined to provide specifics of how the theft ring was broken up or what led authorities to suspect New Berlin West students were involved.

I pray that none of you were victims of these heinous acts, and if you were, I hope the police return old Bubba quickly so the mail man no longer has to wonder if a bass fisherman lives at your residence.